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Kate Kane-Joyce and Janice Heltibridle are a Virginia team sponsored by Nutrelief who joined the field of competitors at this year's World Championships.

Humbolt Redwoods State Park, California. On June 16, this was the scene of the Ride and Tie World Championships, 2007. Thirty-eight teams took to a picturesque, thirty-four mile course through the famed Giant Redwoods.

What is Ride and Tie? It is an equestrian team sport where the teams consist of one horse and two humans. The goal is to relay between riding and running over a marked trail that can stretch between 25 and 100 miles. The rules are few and simple:

  1. A Veterinarian must examine the horse (or mule) before, during and after the race to determine health and soundness. This is a "vet check".
  2. Only one teammate may make forward progress with the horse at any time. That means, no riding double!
  3. Teammates must switch riding and running at least three times between vet checks. Anyone who runs into a vet check must ride out, and vice versa.
  4. The animal must be tied to a natural object, such as tree or branch. The exception is a man-made hitching post, constructed only for that purpose.

It is a sport open to all humans and equines alike, with divisions such as woman/woman, man/woman, century (where the combined ages of the runners is greater than 100); all compete on the same course. For some, it is an all-out race, for others, it is an enjoyable hike and ride with a twist.

Kate Kane-Joyce and Janice Heltibridle are a Virginia team sponsored by Nutrelief who joined the field of competitors at this year's World Championships. They earned their invitation to compete by placing first in points nationally last year both in their division (woman/woman) and over all teams. Kate and Janice are both runners and horsewomen who also manage two forms of arthritis (rheumatoid and degenerative, respectively). They rely on sound, purposeful training, good diets and Hy Cell supplements to keep them running strong.

Most of their races last year took place in the east, in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, with one weekend of races in Tennessee. They finished first in seven of nine races, often racing two or three consecutive days.

At races closer to home, to keep their equine partner fresh, they changed horses daily, choosing to ride "Frisky"(an Arabian) or "Bubba"(a Quarter Horse), depending on length of race and terrain. For the Championships, California-based Lari Shea leased the team a wonderful horse named "Victory". Victory is a 20years-young, red chestnut Arabian and proved to be more than suitable for the team. Not knowing what to expect from the horse added an element of difficulty for Kate and Janice, but Lari and pit crew provided great care and helpful support throughout the race.

The Nutrelief Team finished the mountainous course in four hours, twenty-nine minutes; good enough for third place in the Woman/Woman division, and twelfth place overall. Kate and Janice would like to extend great thanks to all in the Nutrelief and Foxden Equine offices who helped make this trip possible. A very special "Thank You" goes out to owner, Melyni Worth for her support and encouragement. She believes in the benefits of exercise and through her disciplined workouts, sets an example for riders who are looking for a way to improve their riding and health.
Kate Kane-Joyce


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