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Facts About Miracle Mix CY ™

Miracle Mix CY Miracle Mix CY ™ has a lot of ingredients, all of which are there to help some aspect of your health. It combines the best of Muscle Mix ™ with nutrients that support joint health and minerals for overall well being. Cynatine FLX™ is a natural alternative to Glucosamine and Chondriotin combining potent joint health and antioxidant properties into a single premium ... more »

Fitness After 40...The weight room is calling

Fitness After 40...The weight room is calling Today's 40 year-plus generations don't feel like they should be slowing down. But even though the mind is willing, the flesh, inevitably, will start to weaken, after a time. While science and infomercials are trying to create (bottle, package and sell you) the Fountain of Youth, you already posses the ability to combat the loss of muscle and strength that can come with age. ... more »

Good news for chocolate lovers

chocolate can reduce risk of heart attack Good news for chocolate lovers ... scientists at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine say that a few squares of chocolate a day can reduce the risk of a heart attack by almost 50 per cent in some cases. The discovery came after volunteers for a trial on the effects of aspirin were disqualified for eating chocolate, despite being warned that this would interfere with results ... more »

Is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D Is Important As we head into winter, most of us anyway, let's remember the importance for an increased need for vitamin D in our diets to make up for a shortfall due to the lack of sun exposure. Lack of sun exposure also contributes to the fact that millions of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Vitamin D deficient patients are prone to muscle weakness because vitamin D is ... more »

Bustin' Out! Tips on how to get through when the body won't budge

exercise and diet plan Oh, the dreaded plateau! If you are trying to achieve fitness and body composition changes, inevitably you will reach a point in your journey everything seems to come to a grinding halt. But fear not! Change can be constant, even for a stubborn metabolism. Here are some ideas on how to keep your engine running, and move on towards your goals. Add exercise/add a diet plan: ... more »

Muscle Move of the Month: The Bent-Over Row

bent over row exercise

Select a barbell or dumbbells of a moderate weight. Place your feet in a base position, shoulder-width apart, with a soft, slightly bent knee. Keeping your hips lined up with your heels, hold the barbell or dumbbells over-hand, in front of you, with your arms straight and bend forward from the waist to a 45degree angle. Your lower back should remain flat or slightly arched. ... more »

Facts About HyCel ®

Hycel consists of three ingredients each designed to help your joints and skin Celadrin is an mixture of esterified essential fatty acids. These special fats will help the cells to rebuild their membranes and be more efficient. This results in a rebuilding of the joint cartilage and improvement in joint flexion and comfort levels. It also has an effect on all the other cells in the body and will result in an improvement in skin texture and feel. Celadrin has been shown in studies at ... more »

Nutrition facts and news!

Nutrition facts - supplements Did you know that only about 38% of women over age 19 exercise regularly! This is especially concerning when fitness and exercise are critical in the menopausal years. These are times when a woman is at a dramatically increased risk for osteoporosis and fracture, heart disease, and chronic diseases such as diabetes. From age 35 onwards, women lose bone mass at a rate of about ... more »

Improve your conditioning with... The Muscle Move of the Month!

squat exerciseThe squat is a compound exercise, meaning it involves more than one group of muscles, the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. It is one of the "big three" powerlifting exercises (including bench press, and deadlift), but its results are beneficial for even weekend warriors. Because the squat is such a basic movement, you will find that learning to perform it correctly will improve ... more »


healthly power foodsInclude these five super foods in your diet for the biggest nutrition bang per calorie!
Broccoli - Prepared steamed, stir-fried(lightly), or raw, broccoli is a vegetable to be revered. Praised by some physicians for anti-carcinogenic properties, it is also a good source of calcium.
Beans - Quite possibly a perfect food, beans ... more »

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