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By Kate Kane-Joyce

Include these five super foods in your diet for the biggest nutrition bang per calorie!

Broccoli - Prepared steamed, stir-fried(lightly), or raw, broccoli is a vegetable to be revered. Praised by some physicians for anti-carcinogenic properties, it is also a good source of calcium.

Beans - Quite possibly a perfect food, beans are high in vegetable protein and fiber, making them a must for vegetarians. Be sure they are thoroughly cooked, as undercooked beans are known to interfere with proper protein absorbtion.

Eggs - Containing all essential amino acids, eggs are convenient, tasty and versatile. Don't want all of the calories of whole eggs? Use two egg whites and two whole eggs to cut calories and keep the flavor.

Nuts - As with our other power foods, nuts are best consumed as close to their natural, raw state as healthfully possible. Check the labels of nut butters to ensure that you are only consuming the healthy fats already present in the nuts, without additives. These fats are great for those on an otherwise low-fat diet, when consumed in proper serving sizes. Almonds are especially known for a multitude of health benefits.

Sweet Potatoes - Even for the carbohydrate-restricted, the yummy sweet potato is a powerful choice! Containing more fiber than white or baking potatoes, the sweet potato does not cause a violent insulin spike and pairs wonderfully with grilled chicken, baked fish, or just a protein shake.

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