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Facts About HyCel ®
Nutritional Supplement for Muscle, Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief

By Dr Melyni Worth

Hycel ® consists of three ingredients each designed to help your joints and skin.

Celadrin™: Celadrin is an mixture of esterified essential fatty acids. These special fats will help the cells to rebuild their membranes and be more efficient. This results in a rebuilding of the joint cartilage and improvement in joint flexion and comfort levels. It also has an effect on all the other cells in the body and will result in an improvement in skin texture and feel. Celadrin has been shown in studies at University of Connecticut to improve the activity level and reduce the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. Anecdotally the Celadrin helps scars to soften and reduce, even very old scars.

Hyaluronic acid: HA is a component of joint fluid, it acts as a lubricant, and a buffer to absorb concussion. It helps to move nutrients in and out of the cartilage lining the joints. HA is also a vital component of the connective tissue in skin. As you age the bodies level of HA drops and so the skin becomes less resilient and elastic and begins to wrinkle and sag. HA is usually injected into skin to improve it's appearance, and is injected into joints to supply 'joint oil' and improve function and reduce discomfort, but now we have available the oral forms which can get to all parts of the body and help the skin all over as well as the joints.

Magnesium Chelate: The body requires the mineral magnesium for very many enzyme processes especially in the working muscle and in the skin, magnesium also has an effect to relax the muscles and to improve peripheral circulation, this improvement in blood supply to the limbs and skin results in more nutrients getting to where they are needed! Addition of magnesium to HyCel has a synergistic effect on the HA and the Celadrin.

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